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The place where the sidewalk ends

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I'm Kailey. Probably the most awesomely random person you will ever meet. I think the flute is the prettiest instrument. I'm extremely hard to offend. My daddy bear shouldn't be alive today, and my mom went through breast cancer, which runs in the family. These two things both happened quite close together, and they have had an enormous impact on me. Deal with it. I cuss alot. especially in my journal and everyday life. Cant deal? Too fuckin' bad. I'm quite into photography, music, painting, and sculpture. Music, even if not composed by you, is an expression of one's self. Cool is freedom of expression. I'm in colorguard. If you don't know what that is, it means I'm a flag twirler in the marching band. I love it. Coffee is one of my passions, I want to be a barista.

I love Patrick and He LOVES me (very much so!!)